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There are only 33 species of bats in Texas.

Mormoops megalophylla - Ghost-faced Bat

Choeronycteris mexicana - Mexican Long-tongued Bat
Leptonycteris nivalis - Mexican Long-nosed Bat**
Diphylla ecaudata - Hairy-legged Vampire

Myotis austroriparius - Southeastern Myotis
Myotis californicus - California Myotis
Myotis ciliolabrum - Western Small-footed Myotis
Myotis occultus - Southwestern Little Brown Myotis
Myotis septentrionalis - Northern Long-eared Myotis
Myotis thysanodes - Fringed Myotis
Myotis velifer - Cave Myotis
Myotis volans - Long-legged Myotis
Myotis yumanensis - Yuma Myotis
Lasiurus blossevillii - Western Red Bat
Lasiurus borealis - Eastern Red Bat
Lasiurus cinereus - Hoary Bat
Lasiurus ega - Southern Yellow Bat*
Lasiurus intermedius - Northern Yellow Bat
Lasiurus seminolus - Seminole Bat
Lasiurus xanthinus - Western Yellow Bat
Lasionycteris noctivagans - Silver-haired Bat
Parastrellus hesperus - American Parastrelle
Perimyotis subflavus - American Perimyotis
Eptesicus fuscus - Big Brown Bat
Nycticeius humeralis - Evening Bat
Euderma maculatum - Spotted Bat*
Corynorhinus rafinesquii - Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat*
Corynorhinus townsendii - Townsend's Big-eared Bat
Antrozous pallidus - Pallid Bat

Tadarida brasiliensis - Brazilian Free-tailed Bat
Nyctinomops femorosaccus - Pocketed Free-tailed Bat
Nyctinomops macrotis - Big Free-tailed Bat
Eumops perotis - Western Mastiff Bat

Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight. a Bat wings contain the same bones as a four-fingered human hand. Infact, a bat’s wings are its hands. A bat has a thin, strong membrane of soft, velvety skin that spreads across these bones, connecting them to the bat's back and legs, like the fabric, tarp and ribs of an umbrella. The bats thumb clings to surfaces when the bat alights that helps in flight. 

Bats can be found everywhere in Houston Texas!

Bats can be found just about anywhere in Houston TX, A bat can be found in the house flying around. Most people find a bat flying in the house and are usually upset about it. Sometimes a bat is found flying around in the garage as well. 

The fact remains that bats are found in just about any structures in america. outbuildings, sheds, garages, under bridges, old commercial buildings, old factories, chimneys and out buildings.

Business Bat Removal in Houston, TX

Lets face it old buildings have become a great way to start a new business in Houston TX, Although these old buildings have rat, rodent and bat control issues! When dealing with pest control issues such as bat, rodent, bird, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, possum and wildlife issues we are here to help.

Bat Guano or bat poop removal in Houston TX.

It happens, when you have bat or bats in your attic you will have bat guano in your attic. When you have bats living in your attic you will have have bat guano or bat poop in your attic. 

Once the bat colony has been removed the guano left in the attic will need to be cleaned or cleared out as well as the infected insulation from the attic. Attic restoration can be the best way to have this completed. After the old and infected insulation is removed new insulation will be needed to be put in. Our company can complete full attic restoration.

We service Aldine TX, Allendale TX, Almeda TX, Almeda Plaza TX, Atascocita TX, Barrett TX, Barry Oaks TX, Bayridge Park TX, Bayside Terrace TX, Baytown TX, Bellaire TX, Bellaire Junction TX, Bordersville TX, Brookhaven TX, Brownwood TX, Bunker Hill Village TX, Channelview TX, Clinton Park TX, Cloverleaf TX, Crosby TX, Deer Park TX, Dogwood Acres TX, East Haven TX, East Houston TX, East La Porte TX, El Jardin Del Mar TX, El Lago TX, Fairbanks TX, Foster Place TX, Galena Park TX, Genoa TX, Golden Acres TX, Greens Bayou TX, Harrisburg TX, Hedwig Village TX, Hennessey TX, Highland Heights TX, Highlands TX, Hilshire Village TX, Houston TX, Humble TX, Hunters Creek Village TX, Jacinto City TX, Jeanetta TX, Jersey Village TX, Katy TX, La Porte TX, Lamar Terrace TX, Link Five TX, Lois TX, Lomax TX, Mayfair TX, Meyerland TX, Morganspoint TX, Nassau Bay TX, Pamela Heights TX, Park Place TX, Pasadena TX, Pelly TX, Pierce Junction TX, Piney Point Village TX, Red Bluff TX, Riverside Crest TX, Rosslyn TX, Satsuma TX, Scenic Woods TX, Seabrook TX, Sheldon TX, Shoreacres TX, Skyscraper Shadows TX, South Houston TX, Southside Place TX, Spring TX, Spring Valley TX, Surf Oaks TX, Sylvan Beach TX, Taylor Lake Village TX, Todville TX, Tomball TX, Walden Woods Webster TX, West University Place TX, Westwood Park TX, Winchester TX, Wooster TX in bat removal.

Interesting facts about bats:

Did you Know that bats roost upside down because they lack the strength in their forearms to stand up right?

A bats Life Span:

It varies but by species and food availability; 40 days to 10 months

Number of bat pups:

Usually 1 per year; some species have 2 or 3

Vampire bats adopt orphaned young. Crazy right?

Bat finger bones are very flexible, with cartilage that lacks calcium and other minerals nearer the tips so they can bend without splintering.

One out of every five mammals in the world is a bat.

and they balance our ecosystem! 

Houston, Texas Bat control by Bat removal and Bat colony removal experts!


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We have delt with bat problems for years and found that in most cases there are a water source extremely close such as a pool, creek, river and a lake. Bat removal can be a real nightmare for the do it your self er. bats can fit in very small places and sealing up the entrance does not always fix the issue. 

Bats are tenacious creatures. they will work a house till they find a way in. once in your home bats in the attic space will start to build or re-build their colony. Bats continually defecate and urinate while they are roosting. This can build up into a mound of guano(poop) and the weight can actually break through the drywall your ceiling is made of

Bats are of great benefit to the environment, however when bats take up residence in a home it can be a daunting task to evict them.

  • Do you hear Noises in your walls at night?
  • Do you see a lot of bats around your house?
  • Are you seeing a lot of bats around the pool?
  • Are you smelling a foul smell coming from the wall or attic space?
  • Have you seen bats fly out of you house. peak or eaves?
  • Do you need Bat exclusion ?
  • Do you need Bat removal from Bat removalspecialists?
  • Do you need Bat control By Bat control Specialists?
  • Have you asked"How Do i get Bats out of my house?"

If you are looking at this page you probably have an bat issue in Houston Tx! This can be very scary and disorientating for a homeowner or business person.

 If you have found a bat in your house or business in Houston Texas, firstly stay calm and pay attention to where the bat is flying and or landing. 

Bats flying around especially in the daytime will land on something such as the curtains, wall pictures or door frames. 

If this the case again pay close attention to were you last saw the bat. This could be beneficial to the bat removal expert when he or she arrives and needs to remove that bat.

If you are hearing noises in the attic or are seeing bats flying out of your house at dusk it is also important to take note as to where the bat or bats are flying out of the building. This will also hep your local bat control or bat removal pro to help you out with removal of the bat colony in your house or business.

 Side note we get calls about bats flying around the pool in the evenings. If this is the case you or one of your neighbors most likely have a bat issue.

In Houston Texas The Wildlife Professionals are the leading industry in bat control and bat removal.

With over 10 years experience in bat removal and bat control, We have the knowledge in bat removal techniques that are humane for complete humane bat removal from your home or business.

If you are looking for bat removal in Houston TX understand that we are the premier bat removal company with work references and complete customer satisfaction in bat removal in Houston Texas area.