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As wildlife removal and animal control removal agents in Houston, Texas and all metro areas. The Wildlife Professionals fight against wildlife that find their way into homes and business across the metro Houston area. We are by no means animal control as far as cat and dog removal or pet rehab and we do not rehab or shelter cats, dogs or wild animals. You can find links below for organizations for that. As a Wildlife Removal company our cause is simply the removal of nuisance wildlife that find their way into homes and or business such as bat, raccoon, squirrel, rat or rodent, snake, mole, beaver, opossum, skunk, coyote, bird, feral pig and all wild animals.

Wild animals that get into structures can cause various stages of damage and distress to homeowners across Texas and we are here to help. With trained wildlife and animal control removal techs  we can trap wildlife conflict animals and give options to prevent future issues from occurring.

Bat removal in Houston, Texas has been an ever increasing issue to development of housing and industry. Bat colonies find a house or business an easy place to find refuge . Once a colony of bats descend upon a structure they will begin to use it as a place to establish a breeding ground and start reproducing young. Bats in the attic tends to be the most common call for a bat specialist in Houston, Texas.

We offer Dead bat removal for properties, Dead bats in the attic, dead bat in the chimney, bat animal control and removal by animal animal removal professionals.

Sometimes a raccoon in the yard tearing up trash is bad enough. But when a raccoon or especially a female raccoon tears her way into your attic or slides down your chimney to have young the real nightmare starts.  A raccoon in your attic is a terrible prospect due to the damage that a raccoon having young in the attic can cause.  Attic spaces are typically used as storage for most homeowners for items such as Christmas decorations,  Halloween Decorations and items stored for various reasons.

We offer Dead raccoon removal for properties, Dead raccoons in the attic, dead raccoon in the chimney, dead raccoon control and removal by animal animal removal professionals.

Raccoon love attic spaces for the dark, warm, quiet and safety of the area. The problem is that for most of the time the mom raccoon is quiet and the homeowner typically has no idea of the raccoon issue. This is until the new young raccoon babies get old enough to start being frisky and playing and causing noises in the attic which alerts the issue.

The other problem with an raccoon in the attic is that they pee and poop(defecate) in the insulation. this can cause failure to the ceiling drywall due to the weight of the feces from the raccoon.  Usually the feces contaminated insulation must  be removed and new insulation put down.

Another issue that has shown it's ugly head is a rodent issue in Houston, Texas. Squirrel issues being on the top. Squirrel in the attic calls are on the rise every year. We all love watching squirrels run across telephone lines and playing in our back yards but the fact remains if you have a squirrel living in your attic the chances of attic fires increases 10 to 1 due to the squirrel may or will chew on any electrical line in the attic space.

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